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Course Descriptions & Dress Codes


Dance Classes


Combines dance techniques with precision acrobatic elements and focuses on tumbling-based movements for dance. Acro includes flexibility and conditioning exercises to create strong, versatile dancers. 

(Leotard, shorts optional, no shoes.)

Advanced Ballet Technique 

Non-performing class focusing on ballet and pointe techniques. Contact your ballet teacher for enrollment permission. 

(Leotard, theatrical pink tights, pink ballet and pointe shoes.)

Ballet Note: Ballet students entering 7th grade and up are required to take two ballet classes per week.

Students receive training in classical ballet movements. Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. 

(Leotard, dance tights, pink ballet shoes.)

Ballet/Tap/DanceTeam/Character (Super Stars & Advanced Super Stars)

Young students improve strength and coordination with these dance style movements.

(Girls: Leotard, pink leather ballet shoes.  Boys: T-shirts, shorts, black jazz shoes.)

Boys Athletic Skills 

Students explore fun activities designed to develop motor skills, rhythm, flexibility, hand-eye coordination and achieve athletic success. 

(T-shirt, shorts, sneakers.)


Ballet-based ethnic dance style adapted for stage.  Examples are the Russian and Spanish dances from the Nutcracker Ballet. 

(Leotard, dance tights, circular skirt, dance shoes.)

Dance Conditioning

Non-performing class focusing on strengthening, toning, and flexibility to compliment dance training.  

(Dancewear, jazz shoes)


           An introduction to the fundamental of cheerleading. This class will develop cheer techniques focusing on                   flexibility, vocal projection, cheers, jumps, and precision dance

Dance Team

The style of athletic jazz that everyone enjoys seeing at athletic events.

(Leotard, shorts, tights or leggings, jazz shoes.)

Hip Hop

Athletic dance and street movement class. 

(Athletic wear, sneakers)


The beauty of ballet and jazz combined in a unique dance form. 

(Leotard, shorts optional, jazz shoes.)


A mix of other dance forms working with movement, tempo, and physical expression. Improvisation and choreography techniques will be explored.

(Dancewear, no shoes.)


Musical Theater 

Experience musicals through different dance styles and learn about choreographers and a variety of shows. 

(Dancewear, Dance shoes.)


Students take ballet to a higher level through the art of dancing on pointe. Pointe is an optional addition to ballet training. Ballet students entering 7th grade and up may enroll. 

(Leotard, theatrical pink tights, pointe shoes.)

Special Person & Me (2, 3 years old)

          This is a 30 minute child/adult class designed to enhance motor, listening and social skills. Music

          movement, balance and basic dance steps are introduced in a fun, friendly and positive manner.

          Creative movement is explored through imaginative play and free dance with props.


Students learn to coordinate steps with music and rhythm.

(Leotard, shirt or shorts, black oxford tap shoes.)


Turns and Jumps Technique 

Non-performing class which extends and advances Lyrical dance technique.

(Leotard, shorts, ballet or jazz shoes.)


Fitness Classes

SHiNE™ Dance Fitness 

A dance fitness program that is rooted in traditional jazz, ballet and hip-hop and is designed for all dance abilities, but you do not have to be a dancer! SHiNE™ will improve your endurance, balance and coordination while toning and elongating muscles. 

(tennis shoes or jazz shoes, and athletic clothes)


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