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Studio Policies

  1. ​No gum in the studio.

  2. Students are to arrive on time for class class, and get picked up immediately after class is over.

  3. Hair must be pulled back out of eyes. No dangling necklaces or earrings.

  4. Children must wait inside the building for their ride.

  5. We have an area in the lobby for family to observe classes through the window. Please do not sit in the studios.

  6. Parents need to take 3-5 year olds to the restroom before class begins.

  7. Attendance will be taken in each class. Students who miss 50% of classes will not be eligible for performances.

  8. Ballet students 6th grade and up are required to take two Ballet classes a week.

  9. Final dance class placement is at the discretion of the Academy of Dance.

  10. In case of bad weather, classes will be canceled whenever Yankton Public Schools are canceled. If you are interested in making up your class, please consult with the front desk. For weekend class status, watch the AOD Facebook page.

  11. Registrations are for September through May. Total tuition is eight times the monthly charge. No discounts or refunds for early withdrawals or missed classes.

  12. Ushers and back stage parents will be given one free ticket for one Spring Performance. Admission is charged for extra tickets to cover production expenses.

  13. In order to provide quality service and a positive learning environment for all, the Academy of Dance reserves the right to refuse service to any person.

  14. The Academy of Dance and its employees shall not be liable for any accidents.

Dropping Off/Arrival
Dancers should arrive on time for the start of their scheduled class. For the safety of your child, please ensure that you do not leave the parking lot until you have seen them enter the studio. Independent drivers should park in the Academy of Dance parking lot whenever possible and only park on Piper Street when no parking space at the studio is available.

Picking Up/Leaving the Studio
Dancers should be picked up promptly after class and are required to wait inside the studio until their ride arrives. We ask that parents come inside the studio to pick up their dancer whenever possible as our parking lot can be very busy in between classes. We will not permit dancers waiting for rides to wait outside. Dancers who are independent drivers are encouraged to lock their vehicle and to use the buddy system when leaving the studio, making sure your fellow dancer gets inside their vehicle safely before departing.

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